Scottish Creations

What is that allusive Scottishness

What is that allusive Scottishness? We Scots like to think we are the worlds natural explores and creative inventors, after all we do move from Scotland and can be found living all over the world and monuments exist in the most bizarre places dedicated to one Scot or another who did something particularly noteworthy.  Recently, […]

You Won’t Melt… You know!

“You’ve lived here too long – you won’t melt… you know!” Comment not made by myself but one made to my husband, the Braw Scot, by a Scots Lass visiting New York  trying to cajole him out of his gloom after describing the scene on looking out his office window tucked into the woods in Connecticut.  One of […]

To Blog or Not To Blog?

So… I started to do some research and all roads lead to blogging.  Basically, without it, the clear message is that your business will not flourish in 2016, and the ‘experts’ in the social media field mean any business.  Recently we launched what we think is a nice little online store selling unique Scottish gifts […]