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Real Scottish Flower Jewelry.

Laura Cooke created Botanic Isles in 2016 to bring real Scottish flower jewelry to people from all over the world. Inspired by Scotland’s biodiversity and the beauty of each individual area that Laura collects from, each piece is a tiny microcosm of nature to be treasured for generations.
Each flower is hand picked, hand pressed and then lovingly preserved in crystal clear resin. Flowers are taken from all over Scotland including Fife, Isle of Arran, Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Perthshire and Glasgow.

Forget me Not fro Botanic Isles Real Flower Jewelry

These are then carefully stored in their vast botanical library, organised by location and date, before being made into her signature jewelry. Each item is unique and can never be replicated identically. In this way, you not only own a piece of wearable art but you also own a tiny part of Scotland.