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We Scots know bad weather. In fact, we have as many words to describe rain as the Eskimos use to describe snow. One of our favorites is ‘Dreich’, which means dreary, gloomy, bleak, miserable, grey, depressing, devoid of sunshine… you get the idea! Drookit, a favorite used to describe the results of relentless rain, means totally and utterly soaked to the bone, drenched, sodden, soaking. Then there is the ‘Smirr’… it refers to that annoying, drizzling kind of rain that manages to soak you through, slowly but surely.

Due to all this wet weather we Scots have to endure; we do love to be warm and cozy. The cold and drafty houses luckily are part of our past as our houses are now lovely and warm, but that doesn’t stop us making sure we have the softest wraps and stoles in warm, happy colors. Perfect to cheer us and keep us cozy while we coorie up in front of the fire, with a nice hot chocolate, or a wee dram.

Here at Scottish Creations we are delighted to bring some our favorite Scottish Designers of warm and cozy things to North America. Bill Baber, designer of beautiful stoles, capes and shawls made right in the heart of Edinburgh and Yvonne Macrae, who designs and makes the most beautiful cowls from her studio in Tain on the Dornoch Firth, are two of our newest additions.