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Anyone who loves playing Chess and has an interest in Scottish history is going to love these fabulous chess sets!

The Isle of Lewis Chess set is fondly known as ‘Scotland’s Hidden Secret’. Though most of their history has been lost in the depths of time, we do know that they date from the 12th or 13th century. The romance of the mystery of its discovery on a remote beach, perhaps near Uig on the Isle of Lewis, is loved by Scots and further adds to this land of mist, myths and legend. Is it true that they were found in a sandbank by a farmer who mistook the pieces for elves and promptly fled, then returning to retrieve them only due to his wife’s urging? Historians believe the pieces were probably made in Norway about AD 1150-1200. The Western Isles at this time were part of the Kingdom of Norway, not Scotland. The belief is that the pieces were buried for safe keeping on route to be traded in Ireland. The plot thickens…

We currently carry three different Lewis Chess Sets manufactured in ivory & red, ivory & brown, and a unique metal with a pewter & copper finish.

Our other collection, the Scottish Heritage Chess Set has captured the rich and varied history of Scotland… and we certainly have a rich and varied history! It is a story about the birth of a nation and its people. The main pieces are represented by some of ‘The Great and The Good’ characters from Scotland’s past. It is only fitting that Robert the Bruce represents the King and Mary Queen of Scots represents the Queen. Other favorites are John Knox as the Bishop and Sir William Wallace as the Knight. Together they tell a story of tragedy, vision, pride, renaissance and leadership.

We currently carry two different Scottish Heritage Chess Sets manufactured in ivory & brown and ivory & red.