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Scottish Whisky Gifts

Whisky has been part of our Scottish culture for hundreds of years and its production has a very colorful history. The first recorded order of “eight bolls of malt to make aqua vitae” was at Lindores Abbey in Fife, in 1495. But whether under the watchful eye of an abbot or at one of many illicit stills hidden across our hills and glens, we suspect Scots have been producing whisky for as long as we’ve been digging peat for our fires.

Whisky Glass Gift

As a relative of one of the many South Uist families caught up in the true story behind Compton Mackenzie’s wonderful 1959 film, Whisky Galore, I can attest to the fact that we also got up to some high jinks over the years doing what we could to avoid the exciseman, or the taxman to our North American friends.

Thankfully we’ve never been discouraged and today 41 bottles of Scotch are exported each second……………now that’s an achievement. Slàinte indeed!

Whisky Gifts Whisky Water DroppersWe are delighted to introduce our ‘father and daughter’ team who together created Angels Share in Bridge of Allan, Scotland. Father, Tom, is the master glass blower and makes these stunning water droppers, topped with one of our favorite icons. You can’t possibly drink whisky without honoring it with these fabulous accessories and you can’t have a wee dram without a toast to the Angels, they always get their share!