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Victor Spence created the World Peace tartan in 2011 to convey a message of peace while generating revenues to fund the work of a charitable foundation through the licensing of its brand, design and products.

The World Peace Tartan was designed in Scotland with each color being carefully chosen. Scotland is represented with the greens of our hills and mountains along with the purples of our Scottish Thistle that covers them. The light blue represents the presence, hope and potential of the United Nations. The red and black are reminders of the realities of war and the white represents the strain of peace running through everything.

As it grows, the World Peace Tartan Foundation will invest in education initiatives intended to build a culture of peace and address child poverty. The tartan was launched on June 22, 2012 when the first ever World Peace Tartan scarf was presented to the Dalai Lama during a visit to Edinburgh.

Jody Williams, chair of The Nobel Women’s Initiative, is among the influential people who have endorsed the tartan. “The creation of this new tartan to symbolize the personal commitment of those who wear it to helping create a world of sustainable peace is a beautiful new way to promote peace,” she said. “Peace is not simply the absence of armed conflict; it is a commitment to a new kind of security―one that places the security of people – human security – above the security of the state – national security.”