Pocket Whisky Dropper in Harris Tweed Case


In stock (can be backordered)

The portable whisky dropper, safe and sound in this beautifully handmade genuine Harris Tweed Case, approximately 6″ in length.

In stock (can be backordered)


Have you ever wandered around a whisky festival or attended a tasting and wished you had one of our Whisky Water Droppers with you to add a couple of splashes to open up your dram? Well now you can do just that with our Pocket Dropper! This shorter, portable, but just as accurate, pot still dropper comes complete with a genuine Harris Tweed pocket case.

Long before science got in the way, producers of whisky thought that the angels came down and took a small amount of whisky from the casks before bottling, this was accepted and known as:

“The Angels’ Share”

During its maturation process it is expected that almost 2% of whisky is lost from the oak cask. Distillers still believe in this angelic story and so accept that heaven has a love of whisky, as much as the world.



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