Stramash – The Scottish Boardgame


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Stramash is our favorite classic Scottish board game beautifully designed by Tony Mitchel in Edinburgh.  Tony loves to tell tales of how Stramash has shaped Scottish culture… but all we know for sure is it’s a great strategy game, very well named as someone always gets a good stramashing!

Children love it and will treat it as a game of chase, but it comes into its own when you get together with friends, and maybe even a wee nip of whisky….

In stock (can be backordered)



Stramash was our very first Scottish Creations product and we’re delighted to still give it pride of place. ‘Stramash’ is a great Scottish word meaning a bit of a commotion or hullabaloo, could end up in a fight! Once you play this fantastic game with your family and friends you’ll understand how it got its name… and what self respecting board game doesn’t end up this way.

Tony Mitchell, the creator of Stramash in Edinburgh, Scotland, has designed a beautiful set with a customizable high quality wooden board, 3 packs of exclusive Stramash playing cards and 36 colored marbles (or Laddies) in their own pouch.


Stramash is all about strategy…  using playing cards and having a choice of six possible moves makes the game much more intellectually entertaining and challenging.


Also, Tony has a bit of a sense of humor… he put all the rules in broad Scots so no one can understand a word. Luckily the English translation is on the next page!


The booklet also includes just a few examples of how Stramash may have influenced Scottish heritage.  How braw is that!


2 reviews for Stramash – The Scottish Boardgame

  1. The Bonnie Fechter himself

    ‘Choosing which cards to play from your hand, rather than a random roll of the dice, to move round the board makes the game strategic and tactical rather than just simple luck!’

  2. Jane Barker- Stramash Newbie

    ‘We all learnt the game in about 10 minutes because it’s so simple. But it’s far from simple trying to get your laddies safely home’

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